How To – LiveTweet your Events

Livetweeting is now actually part of some peoples job description. Let that sink it for just a second.

Twitter streams move fast and along with most note taking taking down quotes in real time whilst using all the wit you can muster is a skill and a half. It takes skill to juggle this with taking good photos, responding to questions and comments whilst recognising event stats your audience might find interesting.

If you’re not hiring someone or a company to do this work for you it can seem tricky to navigate all of this at once so we’ve broken down for you what the essentials are.

Know what’s happening on the day

Attend all rehearsals of the event and prepare for tweeting conversations. Yes even just through the notepad app so you get used to having to multitask in this way. Getting impressions from speakers about their talk can help you pre-empt the kind of humour you’re gonna be working with.

Always be Prepared

Getting content beforehand from speakers such as pictures and stats can really help you out as well. You don’t want to rush this part.

Who know’s what they’re doing?

Look into getting volunteers from the company. That guy from HR who is always on his phone? Yep ask him. That or the woman constantly taking selfies whilst she waits for the kettle to boil. These kind of people live to network and with the new generation of workers social media is akin to breathing.

Work out Tweeter’s Interests

Make sure these people are tweeting according to what they’re good and what they’re interested in as they’re way more likely to make it marketable. It’s just common sense.

Be Picture Perfect

Get the photographer on the account as well. Quality images in real time are what press will be more likely to cover.


The hashtag should be known to everyone. Aim for #BreakTheInternet style domination. Naked Kim K optional.